Tiffany Wu
    Ph.D. Student

    Current project(s):
    Co-advised with Dr. Alex Plotkowski, Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Dr. Ryan Dehoff, Deposition Science and Technology Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Phone: 847.467.5416
    Address: 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

I am Taiwanese born in Texas and grew up in China. I did my undergraduate study at UIUC and was in Professor Krogstad's group researching corrosion resistance on aluminized pipeline steel. I did a short exchange at Kyushu University in Japan and worked on molecular dynamics simulations for ionic diffusivity in Lanthanum Oxyflouride. I am a huge fan of Japanese manga and I draw a lot of anime fanart.

At Northwestern, I am working on additive manufacturing of eutectic aluminum-cerium alloys.


  1. P. P. Shetty, R. Zhang, B. Haire, C. S. Smith, L. M. Kenny, T. Wu, P. Quayle, P. V. Braun, J. A. Krogstad (2019). Effect of surface chemistry and roughness on the high temperature deposition of a model asphaltene. Energy & Fuels, 33(5), 4104-4114. doi: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.9b00386