Al-Ce Creep Resistant Alloys

*Yang Liu and *Daniel Ng

Previous studies on Al-Ce-Mg alloys have demonstrated thermal stability of Ce-rich eutectic strengthening phases up to 540°C. These results show promise for the development of Al-Ce alloys which maintain their strength at elevated temperatures. Our work involves microstructural investigations and compression creep testing of Al-Ce binary alloys, with the goal of studying how Ce additions may be utilized to develop alloys with enhanced creep resistance. Initial microstructural investigations have revealed a coarse grain structure with millimeter-scale grains expected to be resistant to diffusional creep. In addition, we observe a fine dispersion of eutectic Ce-rich phases which provide strength to the alloy. During compression creep testing at 300°, we have observed creep deformation at lower rates and higher stresses than those of Er-free L12 -strengthened alloys extensively studied in our group, suggesting that Ce-additions may be used in developing the next generation of creep-resistant aluminum alloys.

SEM image of Al-16Ce alloy, showing the euctic region

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