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US Patents

  1. Mortensen, D.C. Dunand
    "Bulk and Reinforced Intermetallics by Directional Reactive Infiltration"
    US Patent No. 5,366,686, November 22, 1994.
  2. D.C. Dunand, C.M. Bedell
    "Method for Enhancing Superplasticity in Composites"
    US Patent No. 5,413,649, May 9, 1995.
  3. D.C. Dunand, P. Zwigl
    "Chemically Induced Superplastic Deformation"
    US Patent No. 6,042,661, March 28, 2000.  Application filed, May 1997.
  4. D.C. Dunand, H. Holzer
    “Minimal Thermal Expansion, High Thermal Conductivity Metal-Ceramic Matrix Composite”
    US Patent No. 6,132,676, October 17, 2000.
  5. D.C. Dunand, C. Schuh
    “Densification via Thermal Treatment”
    US Patent No. 6,315,838, November 13, 2001.
  6. D.C. Dunand
    “Chemically Induced Plastic Deformation”
    US Patent No. 6,355,120, March 12, 2002.
  7. D.C. Dunand
    “Superconducting Mg-MgB2 and Related Metal Composites and Methods of Preparation”
    US Patent No. 6,630,427, October 7, 2003.
    US Patent No. 6,995,119, February 7, 2006.
  8. P. Müllner, M. Chmielus, D.C. Dunand and Y. Boonyongmaneerat
    “Magnetic Material with Large Magnetic-Field-Induced Deformation”
    US Patent No. 7,964,290 B2, June 21, 2011.
  9. D.C. Dunand and A. Bansiddhi
    “Method of Making Porous Metals”
    U.S. Provisional Patent Application December 9, 2008 (NU Reference: NU28090).
  10. C. Booth-Morrison, D.C. Dunand, D.N.  Seidman, C. Huskamp, J. Boileau, B. Ghaffari
    “Aluminum Alloy with Additions of Scandium, Zirconium and Erbium”
    filed November 20, 2012, assigned U.S. Ser. No. 13/408,027.
  11. Brian V. Le, David C. Dunand, Kevin T. McVary, Alberto Colombo
    “Penile Prosthesis”
    US Patent Publication No. 20130131443 A1, May 2013.
  12. Ramille N Shah, Adam E Jakus, David C Dunand
    “Methods for fabricating three-dimensional metallic objects via additive manufacturing using metal oxide pastes”
    US Patent Publication No. 9327448 B2, May 2016.
  13. Peter Mullner, David C Dunand, Nikole J Kucza, Peiqi Zheng
    “Actuation via magnetic torque driven deformation”
    US Patent Publication No. 20160265516 A1, September 2016.
  14. Nhon Q Vo, David N Seidman, David C Dunand
    “Aluminum superalloys for use in high temperature applications ”
    US Patent Publication No. 9453272 B2, September 2016.
  15. Christopher S Huskamp, Christopher Booth-Morrison, David C Dunand, David N Seidman, James M Boileau, Bita Ghaffari
    “Aluminum Alloy with Additions of Scandium, Zirconium and Erbium”
    US Patent Publication No. 20170016101 A1, January 2017.



July 23, 2013