Teakyung Um

    Visiting Master Student
    (from Professor Heeman Choe's group at Kookmin University)

    Phone: 847.467.5416
    Email: djaxorud1668@gmail.com
    Address: 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

I earned my B.S. in Advanced Materials Engineering of Kookmin University. I am in master course under Professor Heeman Choe in Kookmin University. I am working as visiting scholar in Dunand Reasearch Group (Sep. 2018 – Feb. 2019). I studied effects of powder carrier on the morphology and mechanical properties. I manufactured two type of iron foams by controlling solvents : water and camphene. The water-based iron foam shows the typical morphology of aligned lamellar macropores replicating ice dendrites along the parallel direction to the temperature gradient. On the other hand, the camphene-based iron foam shows the structure with nearly identical round pores.

At Northwestern, I will manufacture camphene foam with aligned lamellar pore structure, and I will study iron oxide redox cycles using three different types of samples : water-based iron foam with aligned lamellar pore structure and camphene-based iron foams with aligned dendritic pore structures and equiaxed pore structures.

Selected Honors

  1. 2016, Most popular poster presentation award, “Processing, Microstructure and Compressive Behavior of Porous Tin Oxide”, The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
  2. b. 2017, X-materials award, “Fabrication of AlN Foam and Its application as Heat sink”, Kookmin University of Advances Materials Engineering


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  2. b. H. Park, T. Um, K. Hong, J. Kang, H. Nam, K. Kwon, Y. Sung, H. Choe, “Effects of powder carrier on the morphology and compressive strength of iron foams: water versus camphene”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 2018.