Samuel Pennell
    Ph.D. Student
    B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

    Current project(s):

    Phone: 678.481.1150
    Address: 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

I was born and raised in Atlanta, where I stayed to study Materials Science at Georgia Tech. I mainly focused on polymers research, with a splash of excitement provided by playing in the marching band and earning a minor in science fiction studies (it's a real thing) After graduating, I moved to the Tri-cities, Washington, to work a year at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. There I was working on a team that was developing a super slippery paint for boats and water structures that would prevent the attachment of invasive mussels. In my PhD research I am branching out from polymers into the world of metallurgy. I am working with Jacob Mack, continuing the research of Stephen Wilke into the development of freeze cast iron alloy foams for redox cycling. I will be examining the effect that alloying with different elements, including copper, cobalt, and nickel, has on the microstructure and performance of these unique materials.


  1. Wang X., Yaeger J. M., Stanek C. E., Pennell, S. M., Stewart, S. D. Munoz, J. A., Gregory, S. A., and Brettmann, B. K. (2020) Effects of Solvent Molecular Structure on Diffusion through Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride) Films ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2020 2 (11), 4697-4708