Jennifer Glerum
    Ph.D. Student

    Current project(s):

    Address: 2220 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

I was born and raised in Redmond, Washington, surrounded by rain, mountains, and coffee. My parents and brother all work in computer science, but I chose to study engineering instead. I majored in Materials Science and Engineering (Course 3) at MIT and minored in Nuclear Science and Engineering (Course 22). I spent summers writing code in Seattle, reviewing corrosion and nuclear waste safety policies in Washington D.C., and analyzing Laue diffraction patterns at the European Synchrotron in Grenoble, France. I was a member and captain of the MIT varsity volleyball team and I continue to play here on the Northwestern club team.

For my PhD research I am working with Prof. Dunand at Northwestern and Dr. Jon Almer at the Advanced Photon Source on better understanding Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques for oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys. ODS alloys offer an unmatched combination of deformation-, creep-, coarsening-, oxidation- and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 1,000 C, but parts are technologically difficult and expensive to manufacture. Powder-bed and blown-powder AM could offer a novel way to create bulk specimens while maintaining the favorable ODS properties.


  1. Glerum, J. A., Kenel, C., Sun, T., & Dunand, D. C. (2020). Synthesis of precipitation-strengthened Al-Sc, Al-Zr and Al-Sc-Zr alloys via selective laser melting of elemental powder blends. Additive Manufacturing, 36, 101461.