Ampika Bansiddhi

    Ph.D. Student (alumna)
    NiTi-based Foams

    Email: ampikaa(

    B.S., Indistrial Engineering, Kasetsart University
    M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

I received my BS in Industrial Engineering from Kasetsart University in Bangkok, my hometown, Thailand in 2000. Then I moved to the US in 2002 to pursue my MS in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, California, before enjoying the wonderful academic and social life here at Northwestern.

I am particularly interested in using advanced materials to make useful applications. Shape memory alloy (SMA), specifically nickel titanium, is one of my favorite materials as I call a ‘lifelike’ material that remembers its original shape. Since SMA exhibits a solid-to-solid phase transition leading to two main behaviors, the Psudoelastic Effect and the Shape Memory Effect, there are exceptional possibilities of SMA to be effective used in a wide range of applications, including medical applications. My current research is focused on investigating the processing and characterization of shape memory porous nickel titanium for bone implant application.