Near eutectic Al-Ce-Ni based alloys

Tiffany Wu

co-advised by Dr. Alex Plotkowski and Dr. Ryan Dehoff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ce is an abundant rare earth metal with relatively low cost, which could be a potential primary alloying elemtent. Near eutectic Al-Ce alloys cast in bulk form show good strength and ductility. Our research focus on these alloys manufactured via selective laser melting (SLM) and containing ternary and quaternary alloying additions. Preliminary research done at ORNL has showed promising strengths in eutectic Al-Ce-TM system, whose microstructures and mechanical properties (including creep) are being investigated.

Our current work involves casting ternary eutectic Al-Ce-Ni alloys, investigating the change in microstructure and hardness under isothermal aging over time and creep resistance. At Northwestern, we will focus more on the mechanical property testing and metallography. Further work on SLM Al-Ce alloys will be perform later at ORNL.

Fig. 1. SEM image of ternary eutectic Al-Ce-Ni showing both ternary eutectic and primary phases.

Related Publications

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Funding support

  1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory