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Scott Oppenheimer

Personal Portrait

I am originally from Cleveland, but grew up in Rochester, NY. I went to school at Binghamton University and graduated in 2002 with a B.S. in applied physics and a second B.S. in computer science. Currently I am pursuing a degree in material science at Northwestern.

In the lab I am working on the kinetics and properties of porous titanium. This is part of a multi-professor project into new bone implant materials. Titanium foams are by their nature strong, light, and bio-compatible, which makes them excellent for bone replacement. The porosity also allows for bone ingrowth and therefore a more secure bone implant connection.


Porous titanium foams


B.S., Applied Physics, Binghamton University
B.S., Computer Science, Binghamton University


e-mail: soppen(

Publications and Presentations

  1. Oppenheimer SM, Sushkov AB, Musfeldt JL, Achey RM, Dalal NS.  "Diffuse optical excitations in Mu(12)-acetate", Phys Rev B 65 (5): Art. No. 054419 (Feb 1 2002).
  2. S. M Oppenheimer, J. G. O'Dwyer, and D.C. Dunand. “Porous, Superelastic NiTi Produced by Powder-Metallurgy” TMS Letters , 1, 5 (2004) 93-94.


August 7, 2008