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MSE 395: Wiki Entries

Students improved wiki entries regarding materials for energy.

Spring 2008

Biodegradable plastic
Carbon nanotubes
Corrosion problems and prevention
Organic/polymer solar cells
Phase change materials
Polymer solar cell
Sodium-cooled fast reactor
Solar power satellites
Solid oxide fuel cell
Solar thermal energy
Thermal barrier coating
Thermoelectric devices and materials
White LEDs
Wind turbine design-blade materials

Spring 2009

Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia
Smart Glass
Thermoelectric Effect
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
Hybrid Solar Cell
Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell
Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaics
Oil Sands
Ni-based Superalloy
Very High Temperature Reactor (Nuclear)
High-Level Radioactive Waste Management
LED Lamps


January 19, 2010